We build resilience, responsiveness and innovation

Blockages and barriers. Good people leaving. Frustration. Drift. All features of businesses lacking in resilience, responsiveness and innovation. All fundamentally human problems. Traditional management consultancies are not structured, equipped or inclined to solve human problems, or identify human opportunities. We are. And we know that most organisations already have the human talent, potential and creativity to change, innovate and grow.

People people

We believe that most organisations don’t lack ideas or talent. But often, the way they are organised suppresses both.

We believe that unlocking ideas and talent starts with open, direct and compassionate conversations.

Conversations that make people better, not redundant. We believe that business is worthwhile when it exists to unlock human potential.

Phil Lewis
Claire Croft
David Picton
Caroline Hampton
Julia Burns

“One of the most enjoyable and insightful pieces of work I have done in years. The team are diligent, challenge us constructively and give deep insight. A refreshing and valuable partner to solve organisational conundrums.”

David Reay, Senior VP of Global HR, Sony Music

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