It keeps happening.

The world turns, and changes.

Adaptable businesses evolve along with it. They win every day. And when events send change into overdrive, they thrive.

The sooner you are one of those businesses, the better.

These adaptable businesses have one thing in common: people who are able to work at their flexible, imaginative best, with all their ideas and energy pointing in the same direction.

Corporate Punk’s blend of diagnostics, planning, consultancy and coaching unleashes and focuses human ingenuity, setting your business on the road to fast, effective change.

People people

We believe that most organisations don’t lack ideas or talent. But often, the way they are organised suppresses both.

We believe that unlocking ideas and talent starts with open, direct and compassionate conversations. Conversations that make people better, not redundant.

We believe that business is worthwhile when it exists to unlock human potential.

Our leadership

Phil Lewis
Claire Croft

What clients say about us

  • "Brilliant, astute, knowledgeable and witty, Phil and his team grasped our business challenge with incredible speed and translated it into a strategic review which led us to rethink how we do business."

    Sarah Mason, Director of Digital Transformation, Cosmos
  • “My issue with consultancy people is that they usually have lots of PowerPoint and little actual ability to create change or growth. Corporate Punk excels by communicating and planning to a very high level of detail, and have a proven track record in delivering step changes inside often complex businesses.”

    Scott Williams, CMO, Habito
  • "The smartest people I have ever met in helping businesses harness the power they have in their people."

    Claire Eldridge, CEO, Aurora
Our Services

Change services

We build services for the strange and difficult conditions that prevail in real businesses.

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Working with us

The Corporate Punk experience

If you are a Corporate Punk client you are a leader, an optimist and a realist.

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