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Traditional management consultants interpret people as figures in a spreadsheet. Rational units who work in uniform ways. Robots needing a tune-up.

This is their job. Their science.

It’s also a mistake. It breaks budgets and it breaks people.


Because today, success depends on original thought, not cookie-cutter behaviour. The humanity and creativity of your people is your biggest asset.

When change goes wrong, blame the Killer Bs

The Killer Bs

Often the ways businesses try to cure their performance only make things worse.

Here are three common culprits. We call them the killer ‘B’s.

The bean bag
You brainstorm away.
But sparkly ideas are just crappy baubles if you can’t execute them.

The bypass
You slash and burn your way to the future. But that leads to more pain. Or you sneak outside the city walls and concoct an innovative thing. But when you bring it inside, it’s an alien.

The bigwig
You bring in someone who will sort this thing out for good.
But even the smartest individual is no match for a dysfunctional business.

Success is what happens when people work well together

Organisations love talking process, structure and financial performance. But they forget that all these things stem from interactions with people.

When people work well together you get effective collaboration, useful innovation, and profitable outcomes. When they don’t? Hello, crushed spirits, bad decision-making and financial loss.

This is proven. Research by Harvard Business Professor John Kotter and James Heskett showed that, over 10 years, businesses who focused on how their people work together grew over four times faster.

Corporate Culture & Performance

Corporate Culture & Performance

The not magic formula

Brilliant businesses do not appear overnight and they are not made of magic.

But they do function to a formula. A few years ago, we made it our mission to determine what that formula is.

Drawing on 40 years of academic research, input from Chartered Psychologists, and our years of experience, we have identified the nine elements of effectiveness that decide how responsive, resilient and innovative an organisation is.

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