Case studies 

The way we partner depends on the challenge. The following case studies give a quick overview of the impact we achieve.



Project type: Psychological diagnostics to kick-start culture change.

Client: BBC

Sector: Broadcast & Media

Project length: 1 month

Impact: New and important insights delivered. Senior stakeholder buy-in achieved.

In a nutshell:

You’re a national broadcaster whose reputation is built on outstanding creativity. How do you continue to develop this ability at a time of unprecedented change? Quantify the hidden cultural barriers and bridges to creative excellence. Understand how location and tenure influences perception. Identify the psychological needs that work meets for employees. Then plan highly targeted interventions to kick-start the change process.

In their words:

“Corporate Punk’s brilliant work allowed us to pinpoint pockets of behaviour that had become cultural norms that we could then work towards shifting… A robust starting point for an important and high profile piece of work that required senior stakeholder buy-in.”


Fast and punchy change

Project type: Rapid, ingenious solutions to difficult single issues.

Client: Sony Music

Sector: Broadcast & Media

Project length: 6 months

Impact: Revolutionary L&D programme planned
 and launched

In a nutshell:

You’re a legendary entertainment business, but what do you do when your own L&D can’t even get playlisted internally? Go back to basics. Interrogate your business’s culture, employee attitudes to learning, and the role of technology in developing the capabilities of different global markets. Using this psychological insight, redesign for impact. Use its implementation to develop and embed better habits.

In their words:

“Enjoyable and insightful, and far exceeded our expectations… a refreshing and valuable partner for organisational conundrums.”


Deep and involved change

Project type: Cultural redesign and organisational reinvention, in whole or part.

Client: Ada

Sector: Healthcare Technology

Project length: 9 months

Impact: Accelerated expansion in US & UK
 (€35m investment)

In a nutshell:

What do you do when rapid business expansion is causing team morale to deflate? Diagnose the political, structural and operational barriers that are in the way, and the type of leadership needed to dismantle them. Implement a culture change process that goes deep and tackles each issue in turn. Support, nurture and challenge leaders to drive this.

In their words:

“We have got further with Corporate Punk in a single day than we have ever done with a Management Consultancy in weeks or even months.”


Long and complex change

Project type: Major cultural, structural and operational change management.

Client: LGC Standards

Sector: Lifesciences

Project length: 12 months

Impact: 8% CAGR achieved (equivalent to £12 revenue increase per year)

In a nutshell:

What do you do if growth depends on a key department, but for years you’ve been unable to make it perform? Look at the broader cultural context in which that division operates. Diagnose bad psychological and cultural habits, both at Board level and across the business. Then hire in new leadership. But do so in a changed context, supported by an active process of coaching and organisational development to ensure success.

In their words:

“In a high science organisation like ours, Corporate Punk had the intellectual horsepower to digest and translate our goals.”