The Change Conversation

Where to start with change? It can feel like a huge, overwhelming issue. And some of your colleagues may interpret the issues differently, or even believe that there’s no issue at all.

The right first step is almost always to engage the right people in the right type of conversation, so everyone starts the journey together.

Welcome to the Change Conversation.

The Change Conversation is a half-day or full-day session.

It will enable you to have conversations with senior leaders and other colleagues that:

  1. Help your team to work out what’s going wrong, and why.
  2. Provide real insights and data that will have an impact fast.
  3. Offer fresh insights and perspectives for minimal upfront time investment
  4. Make people conversations part of the corporate strategy. For good.
  5. Get your team ready for change.

At the end of the time you’ll have a practical, real world, plan that will help your organisation take important steps towards becoming innovative, agile and resilient.

Practical requirements

The Change Conversation will be held in your offices. This helps us all to think about the specific conditions in which your people have to work.

The other thing we ask is that your entire senior team is available for the session.

We run two Change Conversations per calendar month.

“The conversations our delegates hold with Corporate Punk provide a coherent, data led, practical and above all (to quote our delegates) ‘non-fluffy’ approach to major change barriers.”

Sue Bonney, Partner, KPMG

A case study.
The Change Conversation in partnership with KPMG

We run Change Conversations in partnership with KPMG, and have done since 2017. The process helps FTSE250 leaders see their organisations, their issues and themselves through a different lens.

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Let's go

We will start by asking you one question: “Will we work together?”.

We promise confidentiality and a fast answer – usually within five minutes.

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