The Change Course

Build brilliant change leaders

Instil change leadership now

You recognise that radically improving how your people manage and deliver change is both urgent and vital.

The Change Course is designed and delivered by the award-winning Corporate Punk team using the same tools and techniques we deploy to deliver change in the world’s best businesses.

The course is rigorously structured, intense and immersive.

The Change Course will train your leaders to create, lead and manage the change your business needs – using the people you have.

Whatever the change challenge your business is facing, this course will build teams that are capable of meeting it.

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The programme

Module 1

Setting and sharing a change strategy

Module 1 will teach your people to avoid common pitfalls and set a clear path to change.

  • Evaluating and reporting on your organisation’s readiness for the change journey ahead
  • Setting and embedding a galvanising vision for change
  • Designing a robust change strategy

Module 2

Getting your business ready for change

Module 2 teaches the art and science of mobilising people to deliver the change strategy defined in Module 1.

  • Giving your people the tools to check your change strategy against your organisation’s core competencies
  • Priming your culture for success
  • Setting clear standards and expectations of others, and of the change journey itself

Module 3

Leading people through change

The advanced teachings of Module 3 will enable leaders to understand and harness the human dynamics at play in change processes.

  • Managing a change team
  • Embracing and resolving conflict
  • Measuring human performance


Any timeframe, always high impact

We deliver the course in units of time – and over a period of time – that meet your business needs. We can compress into a week, or stretch over six months. However we implement the course, the three essential ingredients remain the same. So does the rapid, real time impact they make.

  • Teaching sessions
  • Discussion forums
  • Short homework assignments

The essentials

Why is The Change Course so effective?

Your people will bring real projects to The Change Course. As the course progresses they – and you – will see actual change in your business.

Tried and tested theory, real-world practice and intensive discussions with peers and experts: the Change Course  instils the blend of people and process skills necessary to planning, instigating and delivering critical change.

What will you learn?

  • Practical tools and techniques they can start using immediately to manage change of all types and levels of complexity
  • New skills and real experience in managing change in practical, real-world contexts
  • Case studies demonstrating what’s gone well and what hasn’t in other businesses’ change processes
  • The ongoing support of a powerful peer group of change agents

How will you develop as a leader?

  • Improved ability to connect and lead teams through change processes
  • Improved confidence and gravitas in managing change
  • An ability to lead and manage change processes more efficiently and effectively
  • A powerful and growing alumni network
  • Skills, tools and techniques that will take root in your organisation

What does The Change Course feel like?

This is intensive personal and professional development work. It creates impact in real time.

Your people will find challenges, but they’ll get ample support too, as they stretch themselves in service of their own development, and your organisation.

The Chatham House Rule applies throughout.

Why did we build The Change Course?

Because getting change done is urgent and critical but wickedly hard, with even objectively brilliant plans being no match for the human reality of work.

It’s not robots that are killing your progress to automation.
A lack of ideas is not destroying your ability to innovate.
And if your operation is failing to evolve, it’s not just the fault of your operating model.

It is a matter of people, and how engaged and equipped they are for change.

And here is the crunch.

Managed badly, your people become an insurmountable barrier to change.

But managed well, they are the fastest and most effective route to transformation. Far faster and more effective than the slow, expensive reform of systems and processes.

The Change Course trains people create, lead and manage the change you need with the people they already work with,

It works because it teaches human skills alongside technical ones.

So, whatever change your organisation needs to make, your people can get it done fast.

You need this blend of human and technical skills now but who else teaches them?

Almost no one.

Business schools major on technical theory, but fail to address the practical human reality. Consultants are hooked on their own business model. Your autonomy is not their priority. And books and magazines talk to everyone’s problems, but nobody’s in particular.

What are the logistics of The Change Course?

The Change Course is an online development experience. It is made up of three modules. We time the Change Course to suit your business, either compressing or extending its timeframe, and time commitments. But never limiting its power to make tangible, real time impact.

Each of the three modules is delivered through a series of online teaching sessions.

Each teaching session is supported by an online forum. These forums offer a lively, challenging and stimulating peer-group environment for course participants to report, reflect, and get advice on the real-world implementation of the teaching content.

Small group numbers mean your people get close individual support from us.

There will be short but challenging assignments for them to carry out between forums and teaching sessions. The time commitment for these assignments flexes to meet your needs, without ever compromising their impact.

At the end of each module we hold structured one-on-one feedback sessions.

  • Small groups of your senior leaders
  • 3 modules each including:
    • Teaching sessions
    • Discussion forums
    • Short, challenging assignments
  • Structured, one-on-one feedback sessions


  • “We have got further with Corporate Punk in a single day than we have ever done with a Management Consultancy in weeks or even months.”

    Daniel Nathrath, CEO, Ada
  • “The conversations our delegates hold with Corporate Punk provide a coherent, data-led, practical and above all (to quote our delegates) 'non-fluffy' approach to major change barriers.”

    Sue Bonney, Partner & Board Member, KPMG
  • "Corporate Punk excels by communicating and planning to a very high level of detail, and has a proven track record of delivering change inside often complex businesses."

    Scott Williams, CMO, Habito