People do change

We know that change throws up issues that feel unique to you, and uniquely difficult. But difficulties around change begin and end with how well people work together.

That’s why we deliver change through people: it is faster and more effective than the slow, expensive reform of systems and processes.

Here’s how we do it.


The Change Index

Make change faster. See the benefits sooner.

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Faster, easier change

The Change Index shows you where in your organisation there are barriers to fast, effective change.

Data you can put to work

You can apply Change Index findings straight away to prepare your people for what lies ahead.

Change Mapping

Make a human-first plan for successful change

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Data-driven action

Change Index data zeros in on barriers to change. Change Mapping is a process for dismantling them.

Board buy-in

A Change Mapping day gets leaders galvanised behind a clear plan.

Change Consultancy and Coaching

Guidance, practical support and advice to keep change moving

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Support for leaders

By definition, change creates new challenges and demands novel approaches. We advise and guide leaders towards better outcomes.

Surviving reality

We understand how strategy buckles on collision with reality. We coach leaders to navigate the gap between making a plan and making it happen.

Change Training

Equip your leaders to get change done

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Real time impact

Leadership development that builds tomorrow’s change experts, and makes an immediate difference to live change programmes.

Practical tools and techniques

So your people are properly equipped to get change moving. And keep it moving. For good.
  • “We have got further with Corporate Punk in a single day than we have ever done with a Management Consultancy in weeks or even months.”

    Daniel Nathrath, CEO, Ada
  • "Sharp, focused and innovative. It doesn't get better than this."

    BCA Awards Judges, 2021
  • "With Corporate Punk's support we have been able to unlock greater innovation, creativity and confidence in our people, and achieve significant commercial benefits."

    Matthew Heath, European CMO, Invesco