What's your problem?

We know that change throws up issues that feel unique to you, and uniquely difficult. But difficulties around change begin and end with people.

That’s why we deliver change through people: it is a faster and more effective route than the slow, expensive reform of systems and processes.

As strange and singular as change problems may seem, they boil down into a handful of themes.

Maybe you sense your business hasn’t got what it takes to change.

Or that you fail to plan properly for it.

Could be you have a plan, and the right people, but you need support on the journey.

Or you see the value in creating pockets of change excellence among your leaders.

Products of change

Our blend of diagnostics, planning, consultancy and coaching and leadership development unleashes and focuses human ingenuity, and marks out a clear path to high performance and adaptability.

The Change Index

Accurately predict the capacity of your business and its people to adapt to change.

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Change Mapping

Get your people behind a change plan in one day of open discussion and planning.

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Change Consultancy & Coaching

Targeted, high impact support that embeds adaptable thought and practice.

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Change Course

A development experience for senior leaders who know that change is urgent and vital.

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“We have got further with Corporate Punk in a single day than we have ever done with a Management Consultancy in weeks or even months.”

Daniel Nathrath, CEO, Ada

Change Consulting & Coaching

A blend of coaching, mentoring and consultancy designed and delivered in response to our diagnostic and planning stages. Built to foster independence and avoid reliance on our services.