Change Consulting and Coaching

The support you need to get change done

Build and maintain the skills and energy you need for change

Ambitions for change can become distorted or thwarted on contact with the human reality of business. This throws up novel and complex issues for leaders.

We use a blend of coaching, mentoring and consultancy to help leaders keep change programmes on track through this complicated landscape.

Our goal is to create self-reliant leaders who don’t depend on our services to instigate and deliver change.

Nuts and bolts

By blending coaching with mentoring and consultancy, we work not only to develop individual leadership styles, but also to instill the different approaches and frameworks that change needs for energy and direction.

Our coaches and consultants are proven leadership and change experts with wide-ranging experience.

We work remotely, or in person, depending on circumstances.

Coaching and consulting ensure that change programmes survive contact with reality, and you have the tools to go it alone.


  • “One of the most enjoyable and insightful pieces of work I have done in years. The team are diligent, challenge us constructively and give deep insight. A refreshing and valuable partner to solve organisational conundrums.”

    David Reay, Senior VP of Global HR, Sony Music
  • "We knew we needed a partner with real change expertise. Corporate Punk has proven vital in helping us realise the scale of our ambitions."

    Matthew Heath, European CMO, Invesco
  • "Their initiatives demonstrate clear measurability and impressive impact on business results."

    BCA Awards Judges, 2021