Change Mapping

Change Mapping is a forensically planned, rigorously structured team event, and a self-contained project.

During it we review the projects, the data, and the managerial issues that are central to change.

In doing so we uncover the barriers and opportunities people sense, the risks they fear, and the hopes they want to realise.

The effect is to get the people instrumental to change right behind it.

The output is a unanimously agreed working roadmap to change.

How Change Mapping works

  1. We meet to discuss the change needs and goals of your organisation
  2. We review any work you’ve done to date
  3. We meet some of your people for preparatory interviews
  4. We run our Cultural Archetype diagnostic survey with your team – to understand more about the barriers and bridges that you are facing
  5. We process and analyse all this so that we bring fresh insight to the day
  6. We work with you to ensure that Change Mapping does exactly what you need it to do
  7. We run a day-long Change Mapping event for you and your team
  8. After the day we write a report on what we saw, heard and felt. This report will include a detailed debrief on the insights we gathered ahead of the day
  9. We also draw up a change roadmap, and agree it with you and your team
  10. You get going

Nuts and bolts

Change Mapping will be run in your offices. This helps us all to think about the specific conditions in which your people work.

The other thing we ask is that your entire senior team is available for the session.

We run two Change Mapping projects per calendar month.

What clients say about Change Mapping

  • “Having the whole team input to how we create the change was key to getting everyone excited about the part they play. I truly believe this will take our business to new levels of success.”
    Claire Eldridge, CEO, Aurora
  • "The work our C-Suite delegates do with Corporate Punk provide a coherent, data-led, practical and above all “non-fluffy” approach to major change barriers.”
    Sue Bonney, Partner, KPMG