Change Mapping

Make a people-first plan for change

From clear data to a clear plan

Change Mapping is a forensically planned, rigorously structured event for your leadership team.

During it, we review the projects and the managerial issues that are central to change.

We examine the opportunities and barriers in your business, and make a clear plan for either maximising or dismantling them.

The data gathered by the Change Index can guide the structure of the event and inform the output.

The output is a unanimously agreed working roadmap to change, identifying actions, responsibilities and outcomes.

How Change Mapping works

Change Mapping is a planning session that takes place over one or two days. It is a structured forum for discussing the change needs and goals of your organisation and reviewing any work you’ve done to date.

We tailor our tools and techniques to your leadership team, to build an agenda specifically for them, and for the change challenge your business is facing.

Armed with revealing data gathered by the Change Index, Change Mapping is a focused process with a clear and indispensable output: a roadmap to effective change, developed and ratified by your leaders.

Change Mapping delivers a roadmap to successful change, in which we:

  • Highlight the objectives you need to reach
  • Pinpoint the practical actions you need to take
  • Identify owners and timescales for each action

Nuts and bolts

We run Change Mapping remotely or in person. In person sessions are an opportunity for us to experience your real working environment. But remote sessions produce equally useful results.

We ask that your entire leadership team is available for the session.

A clear roadmap to change, understood and ratified by your leadership team, is a vital precursor to success.


  • “Having the whole team input to how we create the change was key to getting everyone excited about the part they play. I truly believe this will take our business to new levels of success.”

    Claire Eldridge, CEO, Aurora
  • "In a matter of just weeks, the team at Corporate Punk enabled us to define a clear way forward with our European change agenda, balancing boldness with pragmatism. With their support we have been able to achieve significant commercial benefits."

    Matthew Heath, European CMO, Invesco