The Change Index

Prepare for fast, efficient change

Change has a reputation for being slow and expensive.

But if you can pinpoint pockets of poor communication, fear of failure, lack of confidence or plain inexperience then you can make a plan to counter those issues. And create the conditions for your people to get change done.

Corporate Punk’s Change Index is the result of years of work and research with leading organisations.

It gives leaders accurate, objective data and points to clear, immediate actions that will make the road to profitable change faster and smoother.

How the Index works

The Change Index measures the three primary factors that can either accelerate or inhibit change.

Awareness, Agility and Adaptability.

Our proprietary software scores your business for its strength in those three areas. 

Also scoring you for a range of contributing factors.

We rate performance in each of three areas as follows: Core Strength, Development Opportunity, Weak Link.

Nuts and bolts

The Change Index is run remotely, with data gathered via PC or mobile.

It can be scaled across teams, departments, business units and markets as required – and any contrasts highlighted.

As we run the Index we can also capture a range of additional information about your business to use in our analysis. We will discuss this with you before getting going.

  • Proprietary data capture software
  • Unlimited participants
  • Clear, actionable recommendations

Successful change begins with a clear and objective view of your people’s readiness and ability to get that change done.


  • “Corporate Punk’s brilliant work allowed us to pinpoint pockets of behaviour that had become cultural norms that we could then work towards shifting… An important and high profile piece of work that required senior stakeholder buy-in.”

    Kate Coughlan, Head of Planning, BBC
  • "Corporate Punk's unique IP and thought leadership delivered simple, actionable insights. What's more, their energy, personality, and thoughtfulness quickly established them as trusted partners for our leaders and our organisation. Their work is rapidly impacting how we do business.”

    Gemma Popejoy, Chief People Officer, The Marketing Store Worldwide