Do it right. Do it once.

Our consulting work is a specialist blend of organisational psychology, organisational design, process engineering and leadership development. We have designed it for businesses that want to drive fast, habitual change in how their people think and operate. It has proven to be effective with some of the world’s most admired companies.

Our approach is multidisciplinary, integrated and tailored to each client. It begins with WorkForces™, our diagnostic toolkit.

WorkForces™ comprises a range of different tools that provide an accurate, objective read on any culture.

WorkForces™ analyses people’s true thoughts, feelings and habits. Not the thoughts, feelings and habits they say they have. This reveals the hidden barriers repressing organisational effectiveness and change.

The toolkit has been developed based on innovative, peer-reviewed academic research, as well as our own work. It is objective, based on science, and globally scalable.

Fat-free interventions.

Using WorkForces™ insights, we equip people with the practical and emotional tools they need to make culture change stick.

This means improving:

  • Structure
  • Capabilities
  • Ways of working
  • Organisational habits
  • Leadership skills and behaviours

We drive change through real projects to make sure strategy doesn’t break on contact with reality.

And we enable leaders to continue building an impact culture long after we leave.