Reality check 

Culture is not fluff.

Culture is the operating system of a business. It is the platform that determines why some things happen fast, and some things crawl along or don’t happen at all. When the OS works, the result is happy collaboration, useful innovation, and profitable outcomes. When it crashes? Hello, crushed spirits, bad decision-making and financial loss.

Culture drives impact.

Research by Harvard Business Professor John Kotter and James Heskitt proved that, over 10 years, businesses with performance-enhancing cultures grew over four times faster than those without.

Culture can be deconstructed.

Our work draws on 40 years of academic research, the expertise of our Chartered Psychologists, and our 60+ years of collective experience working with the world’s most admired organisations. Bringing this together, we have identified the nine dimensions of cultural effectiveness that apply to all high-performing companies. By grouping these dimensions we have evolved a unique impact culture formula that guides diagnosis and development.

Corporate Punk’s Impact Culture Formula™

Impact Culture

Our people are able to perform at their maximum potential to solve problems, improve productivity, and drive growth.



We know the direction our business is headed and what we need to achieve. The arguments and tensions we have lead to better outcomes.


What does it involve?


We can all solve problems, think critically and generate ideas, in order to imagine, make and deliver the changes that growth depends on.

What does it involve?



We enable agility to be combined with rigour to deliver clearly defined outcomes.

What does it involve?

Culture can be tested.

Most businesses lack accurate data to help them understand – let alone manage – their culture. This disconnects conversations about culture from business reality, which leads to failure. We have a unique range of proven tools that help benchmark and track culture using cutting-edge organisational psychology.

Culture is a critical challenge.

Being unable to manage and develop culture effectively is holding most organisations back. Developing your culture for impact is not just important today, but may be the key to your survival in tomorrow’s automated world.


We’re here because we know what kills culture, and what cures it.