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We build services for the strange and difficult conditions that prevail in real businesses.

A world where people can be complicated and confusing.
Where new ways of working need to be taught, not airdropped.
And where strategic direction is not miraculously and immediately clear to everyone.

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Our work blends coaching, consulting and training. Always focused on improving responsiveness, resilience and innovation. Always designed to support clients going through complex change.

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Diagnosis – WorkForces

  • The Cultural Archetype Index
  • The Change Resilience Index
  • The Creative Effectiveness Index

Strategic planning


  • Organisational design
  • Process engineering
  • Transition planning


  • Change management coaching
  • Dynamic leadership development
  • Conflict management


  • Innovation and creativity
  • Collaboration

People lie

How you and your people experience work is the sum of everybody’s thoughts, feelings and habits. Like lots of thoughts, feelings and habits, many of these are hidden from view. Being afraid to share what’s really going on for us is a very human trait. Everybody lies.

For this reason, conventional fact-finding techniques don’t work. And any worthwhile change process must start with an accurate understanding of what’s really going on.

Get your head into WorkForces.

WorkForces is our proprietary diagnostic toolkit. Its different tools provide an accurate, objective read on barriers and bridges to outstanding performance.

WorkForces tools analyse people’s true thoughts, feelings and habits. Not the thoughts, feelings and habits they say they have. In so doing they reveal the hidden barriers repressing organisational effectiveness and change.

The toolkit has been developed based on innovative, peer-reviewed research, as well as our own work. It is objective, based on science, and globally scalable.

Which one are you?

All organisations conform to one of four performance archetypes – Inert, Impulsive, Incremental, or Impact.

Each archetype brings its own challenges and opportunities for growth.

WorkForces tools identify which archetype your organisation is, and any interesting variances across departments, countries or teams. This is just one of the many ways in which we help leaders understand the challenges they face.

Strategy that survives reality

Diagnosis must lead to an effective prescription. 

WorkForces analysis serves as the foundation for Change Mapping. In a day-long session we work with you and your team to explore the barriers and bridges to change in your business. We will then propose solutions and a top-line plan to put them into action. The plan will encapsulate a vision for change and be ruthlessly focused on driving ROI.

During our entire working relationship we will engage your team in detailed, supportive discussions about practicalities, pacing, content, and communication. Our aim is to help the organisation move as fast as it can, but no faster.

“Corporate Punk’s brilliant work allowed us to pinpoint pockets of behaviour that had become cultural norms that we could then work towards shifting… An important and high profile piece of work that required senior stakeholder buy-in.”

Kate Coughlan, Head of Planning, BBC

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