One hour to kick-start your impact culture.

Culture change is an urgent priority for many businesses. But it can be difficult to know where to start and how to avoid your people kicking back. In as little as one hour, we galvanise organisations for change by providing insight on what an impact culture is, why it’s vital to success, and how to get going with development.

Our insights are designed for C-suite leaders with overall responsibility for people management and cultural development – as well as senior managers working in fields such as Innovation, Marketing, HR, and Learning & Development.


“The KPMG C-Suite programme is all about helping FTSE250 leaders see their organisations, their issues and themselves through a different lens. We bring disruptive forces and future trends into sharp focus and help leaders to consider and address the future sustainability of their business and their own role as leaders and agents of change.

Corporate Punk absolutely does this for us around organisational culture – providing a coherent, data led, practical and above all (to quote our delegates) ‘non-fluffy’ approach to what they admit is a major barrier to change for many.”



  • The value of organisational culture
  • Codifying culture through language and data
  • Creating and managing an impact culture

Change management

  • The psychology of culture change
  • Driving accurate problem diagnosis
  • Managing change for success

Organisational development

  • Organisational design – breaking the matrix to improve flexibility
  • Process development – creating a truly responsive operating model
  • Effective communication

Leading and managing people

  • Leadership development
  • Learning & Development – contemporary tools and techniques
  • HR in the 21st century workplace

Content and structure can be flexed to meet the needs of your audience, and for use within events, conferences and summits.


The Impact Culture Keynote™

Building an impact culture is hard. It’s hard for everyone. Why? Organisations are actually people and within all people there are deep psychological enablers and barriers to change.

As we detail in this direct and challenging Keynote, building an impact culture isn’t a question of talent or good ideas. Most organisations already have plenty of both. Culture succeeds or fails based on how a business is managed over a long period of time. Ways of working, psychological conditions and even organisational structure enhance or undermine people’s emotional ability to bring their best selves to work and challenge the status quo.


  • Defining and describing an impact culture
  • The value of an impact culture
  • The 5 stages of cultural decline
  • The 4 Cultural Archetypes
  • The psychological building blocks of an
 impact culture
  • Driving efficient and effective culture change


  • Understand what an impact culture means
 and how it can drive commercial performance
  • Self-diagnose the status of your culture
  • Identify the key drivers behind your cultural
  • Take immediate steps to enhance your people’s performance
  • Define and remove the barriers to cultural change, including those that you might be creating yourself
  • Start driving demand for culture change across your organisation