Will we work together?

If you are a Corporate Punk client you are a leader, an optimist and a realist. You’re ambitious for your business, for yourself, and for all of your people.

You’re interested in frank, zero-bullshit partnerships.

You might have experienced management consultancy, but you now want to build a better, more innovative business without slashing and burning.

You know that change is wickedly hard to push through.

But you know it’s time.

Changing how work feels:
from pffft to punk

We know first-hand what it’s like to get bent out of shape at work; to feel frustrated, fearful and resigned.

We also know what it’s like to feel authentic, free, capable, confident and energised.

We can’t promise it’s going to be easy. We can promise you an exciting, challenging experience that will transform feelings of powerlessness into the liberating energy of punk.

“My issue with consultancy people is that they usually have lots of PowerPoint and little actual ability to create change or growth. Corporate Punk excels by communicating and planning to a very high level of detail, and have a proven track record in delivering step changes inside often complex businesses.”

Scott Williams, CMO, Habito

The conditions for success.

No egos. This is not about us. We stand behind and alongside our clients, supporting them through change.

No master-servant dynamics. We partner with clients to do the tough work of change. This requires a peer-to-peer relationship based on openness and mutual respect.

No overreach. Better to find one thing that’s wrong and tackle it, rather than fail by trying to do everything at once.

No fireworks and f***-off. Experiences that are ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ don’t help change take root, no matter how exciting they are. We add value over the long term.

No self-serving behaviour. Creating dependency is bad business. At every stage we hand over the tools for people to go it alone.

Ruthless focus on ROI. Failing to link change to commercial performance kills change. Remaining focused on the numbers leads to informed, efficient decisions.

Play the hand you’re dealt. Our clients are busy, senior people who are often trying to make change happen. But they are pitted against operational constraints. That’s why we build programmes for real world businesses like yours.

Conversation not presentation. Reading bullet points off a screen changes nothing. We avoid presentations in favour of focused conversations. When we do agree to write a presentation, it’s likely to be at the end of an engagement.

Keeping our promises. If your business doesn’t follow through, it won’t make progress. We make it a condition of all engagements that we keep our promises to each other.

Total cost transparency. Don’t you love the games that consultants play when it comes to charging? We will discuss our fees with you upfront. No nasty surprises.

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