Corporate Punk is a management consultancy
But it isn’t

Because we don’t slash for efficiency.
We build for innovation, resilience, growth.
Instilling agility, embedding better, happier ways of working.
Changing businesses inside out, human first.
So that when you’re asked “When did you last get a proper buzz out of work?”
The answer is “I do.”

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  • BBC
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  • Sony Music
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3 months.

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Do any of these ring a bell?

“Brilliant, astute, knowledgeable and witty, Phil and his team grasped our business challenge with incredible speed and translated it into a strategic review which led us to rethink how we do business.”

Sarah Mason, Director of Digital Transformation, Cosmos

A case study.

Fast change to break down old political, structural and operational barriers to progress. Developing leaders to see change through and manage stakeholders well.

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90% of our clients hire us again after we’ve helped solve their first problem.

  • Business Culture Awards 2018

    Highly Commended — Consultancy of the Year

  • MCA Awards 2019 Finalist

    Innovation Consultant of the Year (Phil Lewis)

  • MCA Awards 2019 Finalist

    Best New Consultancy

Human brilliance, unleashed

In just a decade, life has been changed by fast-growth businesses who seem to know how to have good ideas and get them to market fast.

Most businesses have no idea how to do this.

High-performing businesses have a simple secret. They focus on helping people perform at their brilliant, imaginative, imperfect best. They prize revolution not routine. Conflict not comfort. Variety not predictability.

We exist to help organisations behave like high performers, by unleashing human brilliance.

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